Stealing the Show by Richard Bliss

Stealing the Show by Richard Bliss
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A long time friend of GroupWise (since WordPerfect Office days!), Richard Bliss has also always supported Caledonia and our customers.  Richard was in marketing in the GroupWise arena for many years, both as an employee of Novell, and also for other third-party vendors supporting GroupWise customers. 

In Richard's new book, Stealing the ShowRichard shares unique marketing concepts that he has developed over the past 22 years of marketing for Hi-Tech Start-ups and Fortune 500 organizations. These BlissPoints have enabled him to see things differently, no matter the situation. They are examples where he has stolen the show (and for those of us often in the audience we know this is not an exaggeration) and literally moved the spotlight away from the traditional and focused it on the unusual or the unique. Each point in Richard's book is a different area where he has found success by emotionally connecting to his audience and by doing things a little differently. Richard believes in going against traditional thinking and exploiting things that others have missed. So, here's his challenge to you: "Look for the value and overcome the fears that keep you from stepping out on stage, whatever that stage may be. Go ahead! Steal the show."

All proceeds from the sales of this book go directly to starving artist Richard himself!  So show your support for someone who has been very important to Caledonia, GroupWise and Novell over the years!

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