Caledonia Guide to Moving GroupWise

Caledonia Guide to Moving GroupWise
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Current PDF version 1.0 September 7, 2009 - errata page here

With Novell's recent announcement that future versions of GroupWise will run on 64-bit servers only, we strongly recommend that any move you do now to Linux or Windows servers be to 64-bit operating systems.  This will avoid an additional move down the road!

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This guide is not an upgrade guide.  Generally, if you are moving and upgrading at the same time you need to purchase this guide AND the upgrade guide for the version you are wishing to upgrade to.  However, if you are moving from NetWare to GroupWise 2012, we specifically have an "all-in-one" guide that will assist you with the move and upgrade simulaneously.  You can find that guide here.

How to move GroupWise objects seems to be one of the most frequent big questions we get these days. Whether it be moving a PO to a new volume, relocating a GWIA to a new server, migrating to a different OS, GroupWise seems to be frequently "on the move".

This new guide has been written to help answer those burning questions. In this new book, we cover the following topics:

  • moving to a different volume/drive on an existing server (all platforms)
  • moving components to NetWare
  • moving components to Linux
  • moving components to Windows
  • moving GroupWise objects to a new eDirectory tree.

If you are planning a GroupWise move, this book has you covered. You can download the complete Table of Contents here.

This book is available only as PDF.

This book does not cover upgrading GroupWise. If you are looking for the GroupWise 8 Upgrade Guide, click here.

You will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or better in order to read and print this document.

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